SLA & Maintenance Contracts
Designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized buisnesses without inhouse I.T staff, who choose to outsource their I.T Support instead of employing full-time computer and network technicians.

Contracts cater for Networks ranging from 5 Desktop computers or Laptops upwards, and can include Desktop computers, Laptops, printers, servers and CCTV equipment.

Maintenance Agreements and Service Level Agreements include:

    • Free Technical Call-out service
    • Technical Response within one hour of failt been reported
    • Fixed monthly rate for duration of agreement, savings over long term
    • Free repair workshop facilities.
    • Free labour on SLA Agreements
    • Free telephonic support
    • Free website hosting.
• Free 3 Page Website.
    • Free email (75 mailboxes)
    • Free domain registration
    • Free off site remote administration and support.
• Free backup monitoring & administration.
• Cloud Services.
• Free administration of Cloud Services.
• Free administration of VPN & work from home connectivity.
    • Call-out response times monitored daily.
    • Printer services
    • Service and maintenance of CCTV equipment
Maintenance  or Service Level Agreement Comparison Table

 Maintenance Agreement

 Service Level Agreement (SLA)



  Time Limited Monthly rate

  Fixed Monthly rate

  Limited weekly maintenance check-ups

  Free weekly maintenance check-ups (unlimited)

  Billable Technical Call-out service

  Free Technical call-out service (unlimited)

  Billable Workshop Labour

  Free Workshop Labour (unlimited)

  Limited Remote support

  Free Remote Support (unlimited)

  Limited Telephonic Support

  Free Telephonic Support (unlimited)

  Call-out response within 24 hours

  Call-out response within 2 hours


  Free Website / Domain Hosting


  Free Email (75 mailboxes)


  Free Domain registration


  Free fax to email


  Free Hardware and Software Audits




Weekly Maintenance Check-up tasks


  • Technical IT Assistance by certified technicians

  • Anti-virus Updates

  • PC Performance check

  • Operating system updates / security patches

  • Server and user Backups – off-site storage

  • General sever, network, printer and user troubleshooting and repairs

  • Security, performance and upgrade advice and recommendations


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