• Croxley Create Woodfree Colour Pencils 14 Pack

Manufactured with pigmented leads that are easy to sharpen, so they're great for both colouring large areas and detailed drawings
Ultra-durable coloured pencils made of woodless synthetic resin
Stripes are not everyone's cup of tea, but they do turn heads on the Evolution Stripes coloured pencils
Designed for kids 5 and up with an hexagonal barrel design that provides a firm grip and stops them rolling off the table
The BIC Kids product range offers colouring supplies specially designed to be easy for children to use. Evolution Stripes coloured pencils are designed to be used by kids 5 and up for everyday colouring projects both at home and at school. These pigmented leads are easy to sharpen for creating crisp lines and vivid solids. Kids love the adorable stripes on the barrels. And their hexagonal shape makes them easy to hold so they won't slip while colouring or roll off the table when not in use. These coloured pencils are made at BIC's own plants in Europe based on time-honoured knowledge. Kids are free to enjoy colouring without a care in the world. Way to go, BIC.

Croxley Create Woodfree Colour Pencils 14 Pack

  • Product Code: Croxley Create Woodfree Colour Pencils 14 Pack
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